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Driving can be an extremely stressful and nerve-wracking experience, especially when going down the highway. I am the trucking accident attorney on your side when disaster strikes. While we do our best to be vigilant, there are times when being run off the road by a semi-truck is simply unavoidable. The injuries that truck accidents lead to can be serious or even fatal. If you are injured in such an accident, it is within your rights to seek compensation for expenses related to these injuries from the guilty party or from the company they work for. Call me today to find out why so many in the area turn to Jason R Mann, Attorney At Law for truck accident representation in Harlingen, TX.

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As a seasoned trucking accident attorney, I take great pride in the quality of service I provide my clients. I go to great lengths to ensure that your rights are defended and that you receive the recompense you deserve for your Semi-truck driving down the highway on a cold and rainy dayinjuries. Contact my office today to learn more about the services I provide, including:

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Do not settle when it comes to seeking compensation for your medical expenses or wages lost. I am a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who helps to take the stress out of the situation, thereby allowing you to focus on healing. Call today for a consultation.

Call me the moment you are injured in a trucking accident to receive top-notch legal representation. I am proud to represent Harlingen, TX, and the surrounding area.